Types of Ants

In Singapore a few common found Ants are :  

Ghost Ants (Sugar Ants)

Pharaoh’s ants

Crazy ants

Carpenter ants

Problems caused by Ants:

For most people, ants become a problem when they enter buildings in search of food and water, or when they build their nests in buildings or gardens

The majority of ants are scavengers and are attracted to a wide range of foods, including those containing sugars, proteins, fats or oils. Typically, ants will forage alone for food or water however when a food source is found, they will return to the nest to recruit additional ants to help gather the food. This can result in large numbers of ants appearing in a short period of time.

How to control Ants:


Although hard to destroy the nests must be eradicated if infestations are to be controlled. Insecticide treatments and baits can be applied around and in the nest.