The three most common groups of termites inSingapore are:

  • Subterranean Termite (Coptotermes spp.)

  • Drywood Termite (Cryptotermes spp.)

  • Dampwood Termite (Neotermes spp.)


Termites live and work together in large groups known as colonies. They are divided in to various groups known as: Queen, King, Soldiers, Workers and Alates. The Queen is the reproductive sources of the colony, she ensures replenishment and further growth of the colony.

The objective of the treatment is to termite proof a building against termite infestation by creating a Termicidal barrier around the perimeter ground beams and columns of the building. In order to reach the soil under the slab of the building, it is necessary to drill holes through the slab and then injection of Termicidal chemical is applied.